Situated on the French Riviera only 30 kilometers from the Italian border, Nice is a sunny French city with a definite Italian influence. That influence can be seen in the architecture, the food, and even the people of Nice. Visitors can taste the difference in the cuisine, with restaurants in Nice using olive oil and anchovies in a similar way to the neighboring Piedmont region of Italy.

Begin your Nice adventure by climbing up to Castle Hill to take in a great view of the city and the surrounding mountains from its highest point. Set aside a few hours to roam the area of Vieux Nice (old town), exploring the boutiques, restaurants, and local food shops. There’s even a fish market here, so that you can sample the incredible seafood offered up by the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the day, make your way down Promenade des Anglais and stop to watch the sunset on the beach.


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