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  • 精通 English, German; 正在学习 French, Spanish
  • 25, 女
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  • 来自Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
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If my boyfriend and I are free, we can show you around but we both study full time and work**

I am a very spontaneous, happy and open-minded person, I started to study psychology last year and I bet people would describe me as very talkative since it's really special when I don't have anything to say, but don't worry I can be quite as well

Update: writing my masters thesis and started another degree in history, philosophy and culture of science! :)

我为什么加入 Couchsurfing

Whenever I travel I feel like I see the culture, I see the sights and landscape but I miss really getting in touch with the people and their lives and culture. I want to get to know the place and culture from the inside and I hope that couchsurfing helps achieving this as well as meeting people from all over the world.


  • cooking
  • shopping
  • reading
  • traveling
  • music
  • piano
  • hiking
  • languages
  • road trips
  • food
  • friends
  • exploring new places
  • family
  • meeting new people


There is way too much to mention here.

I love music because I think it connects people even if they don't speak the same language. You can literally feel music, it can reflect each and every feeling, makes you think, makes you relax, makes you cry and makes you love and laugh. No matter how you feel, there's always a song/ piece of music you feel a strong connection with, it feels as if it was written only for you and your special situation - this is what I love about music.

So to give a short overview of what kind of music I'm listening to:

- I enjoy listening to piano music (every kind of piano music whether it's classical like Mozart and Bach (though I'm not into Schubert) or Yiruma and Einaudi or piano covers of other songs)
- I absolutely love sitting outside with my family, someone playing the guitar and singing along. I do really enjoy it because every generation had their songs and you basically feel the music and the beautiful moment with your family even if not every note is perfect.
There's also some kind of mainstream stuff but I'd say in general I'm listening to a wide range of music and I'm always open to new or different music.

Same here - way too much to mention
I'd say most of it is Sci-Fi or plays in the future, mostly it's like society changed, hard to explain, it's easier to talk about it ;-)

in general: comedy film, thriller, NO horror movies, action film, Science-Fiction


visited and got to know the beautiful island La Réunion and a wonderful host family

spend almost 4 weeks in Spain and met so wonderful people there :) I went there to do some research on the languages in Spain (focussed on catalán and basque) but unfortunately I don't speak them.


I love languages and want to learn more and be able to talk to people from all over the world


I can show you which clubs and restaurants are good in Bochum. I am very talkative- so nice conversations. Hopefully a very good Time!


Austria, England, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden



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