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  • Знает Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish; изучает Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian
  • 43, Мужской
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  • Content Creator: @ExploreFeelGood (on Instagram/FB/TT/YT ✅)
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  • Из Valenciennes, Nord, France
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Обо мне

I'm now a feelgood travel blogger, and share my adventures, including the ones linked to Couchsurfing, and hitchhiking, on:
www.instagram.com/ExploreFeelGood ❤️
www.facebook.com/ExploreFeelGood 👍
I hope my publications will help inform you when I give travel tips, and even inspire you when I share the beautiful friendships I make along the way

And if you are into football too, then you can also find me at:
www.instagram.com/AllezLesFans ❤️
www.facebook.com/AllezLesFans 👍


May 2024 update:
Back in France, I'll be in Germany for the UEFA Euro from June 12 to July 15
And then I'll go back to France, in Paris for the Olympics & Paralympics
Let's celebrate international friendship, and sports, together!


2023 update:
South Korea is my 67th country, and the 20th where I will have "lived" if I stay for 3 months as planned
I arrived late March 2023
After a few weeks traveling around the country, I'm now in Seoul, and will be here at least until May, maybe June (my visa is until June 18)
To show me you've read until here (which wasn't much to read), tell me what kind of dreamer you are (I thought about asking that because I like dreamers, and also Dreamers was the main song of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar that I attended, as a guest, and was sung by a Korean artist... and almost everyday I go on the streets I hear it being played from a shop haha)
"Look who we are, we are the dreamers, we make things happen, 'cause we believe it"


Most of what was written below is from between 2006 (when I joined Couchsurfing) to 2008 (when CS was at its peak, and before I would start on social media where I would then post life updates)
At that time it was possible to use CSS code on Couchsurfing, to make it easier and more fun to read / look at, which is not the case anymore unfortunately
And also now with social media we can easily share pics/vids/stories
I started to have public pages late 2017, as @ExploreFeelGood
If you're curious, check me out there to find out more about my life(style) since then, and nowadays
(Best would be on Instagram, but I post almost the same on Facebook, and just a bit on Tiktok and Youtube if you don't have IG/FB)

Ladiiieeeeesssssss andddd gentlemen! Thank you for coming! Pleeaaase take a seat! Refrain from throwing tomatoes, we're* not even worth them! Our* show is now about to start... Welcome to our* world... Enjoy... Aaannnnnddddddd action! 🎬
*Yes, there are different people in my head ;)

Sorry, I'm drunk... Oops, I forgot, I don't drink alcohol... Sorry I'm blond ✌ (◠‿◠) ✿



Adventurous, 🙊Smart🙈ass🙉, Cr∀zY, ⒻⓊⓃny, h☼t, Xenophile*, ¡やϴLУجlö丁! Catch me if u can!

*Xenophile meaning: a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs. NOT to be confused with Xenophobe 😱😅


Once upon a time, I was born on Asteroid 325 (a.k.a. Asteroid B-612). Somehow, I found myself on the Blue Planet, more precisely in a place that used to be known as the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité.
For some time, I tried to become accustomed to the strange habits of the grown-ups I encountered and play along.
Not fully satisfied, at some point, I decided to break free from the social pressure, realizing I should be the one and only master of my own destiny, and chose the red pill, so I could stop to simply dream my life, and start to actually live my dreams...
I boarded a hot air balloon and told myself I would go on, and on, and on, throughout the Wonderland, the Neverland...

Since then, I've been Couchsurfing (350+, in 55 different countries), Hosting (150+, in 12 different countries), Meeting-up people (countless), Hitchhiking (50.000+ kms).

From August 2008 until March 2016, I lived and traveled "Around the World in 80 Months" (and 8 Languages)...

As of March 2023, I've lived (3+ months) in 19 countries: France of course, but as well Japan (12 months), USA (6), Brazil (6), Argentina (6), Spain (5), Mexico (5), Portugal (5), India (5), Italy (4.5), China (including Hong-Kong and Macao) (4), Ukraine (3.75), Russia (3.5), Egypt (3.5), Morocco (3), Taiwan (3), Austria (3), Germany (3) and Qatar (3).
In total I've visited 67 countries so far (according to my definition, 64 to 72 depending on the definitions)
And I've met with people from over 100 different nationalities.


Hola, me llamo David, soy francés, pero si tu lengua materna es el español/castellano, por favor, escríbeme en ese idioma de puta madre, vale? Gracias!

Bonjour, si tu es francophone, tu peux m'écrire dans notre langue de Molière, ça me fera pratiquer ma langue natale :D

E aí beleza, eu sou David, um francês espertinho e fofo, do que o pessoal fala :p Mas se a sua língua nativa é o português, por favor, me escreve nessa linguagem tão bonita, joia? Obrigado! (Arrasei, sim? ;D)

Ciao bella/o, io sono Davide, sono francese. Ma caso la tua lingua madre è l'italiano, allora per favore, mi scrivi in tua lingua, va be? Grazie!

Привет! Я Давидушка . Я могу говорить только чуть-чуть по-русски. Так, если ты -are a native- русски -speaker-, пожалуйста, когда ты пишешь мне, -mix simple sentences in your- язык, -with some- по-английски/ французски / испански / португальски / итальянски, хорошо? Спасибо!

Hallo. Ich komme aus Frankreich, und mein Deutsch ist Scheiße, natürlich. Aber wenn du Deutsch -native- bist, mische -some- Deutsch -words- mit -another- Sprache Ich spreche gut (Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Italienisch), bitte. Dankeschön!

Kon'nichiwa. Watashi wa Davi/Dabido/Deibiddo. watashi wa furansu-jin desu. Hajimemashite. Sumimasen, watashi wa /cannot really talk in/ nihongo. Gomen'nasai! Gomen ne! /But if you know well that language, you can mix some very simple romanized Japanese words (or words only using Hiragana or/and Katagana, but not Kanjis) with another language I speak well\ (eigo, furansugo, supeingo, porutogaru-go, itaria-go). /Oh, by the way, I was featured in the famous "Why Did you Come to Japan?" AKA\ "YOUは何しに日本へ?" "Yū wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e?" /hosted by Bananaman... introducing Japanese audience to CouchSurfing, and hitchhiking... having done so in Tokyo... with a fridge and microwave (among other stuff)...\ Sugoi, ne? Dōmo arigatō!

Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ shì David/Dàwèi. Wǒ shì fàguó rén. Wǒ huì shuō pǔtōnghuà yī diǎndiǎn. Duìbùqǐ, wǒ de zhōngwén bù hǎo, bù hǎo, /but if\ nǐ zhīdào hěn hǎo /that\ yǔyán, nǐ kěyǐ /mix some very simple romanized Chinese with another language\ wǒ shuō (yīngyǔ, fǎyǔ, xībānyá yǔ, pútáoyá yǔ, yìdàlì yǔ). Xièxiè. /Anyway\, fēi cháng hǎo, duì bù duì?

Marhaba, as-salam 'aleykum. La bes? I am David-Daoud. I cannot really talk al-ʻarabiyyah nor darija for now, I know, el maskine. But if you know well that language, you can mix some very simple romanized Arabic words with another language I speak. Shukran khuya-khti! :)

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing

Hosting, Surfing, Meeting-up.
Teaching, Learning, Sharing.

Once upon a time... back in 2006 (!) I happened to watch a documentary mentioning a rather unknown community called CouchSurfing.
At that time, I was working, didn't have much holiday... so I decided to host... giving me the feeling of being traveling while staying at home, in France, having guests from Russia, China, the USA...

A year later I had my first surfing experience after sending a personal couch request... my host had to work (it was in Vegas, for New Year's Eve), she met me... and gave me a spare key! Later she told me she was kinda annoyed by me... because I was too polite! I was shocked, twice... but in the good way, as I understood she wanted me not to feel as a guest, but as a friend.

Since then, I stayed with several hundreds of hosts (more than 300, from a few hours to a few months(!)). I hosted hundreds of travelers too (more than 150). And I joined more than a hundred CS meetings as well, organizing dozens of them myself.
Oh, and I was a Nomadic/Traveling Ambassador for CouchSurfing from 2008, until 2021!


My interests? I love "interests", especially on my savings account :D

All jokes aside :
- Joking (all jokes aside, joking... ahahahah I'm so funny! :p) (that does NOT mean tell funny stories, but find fun and something funny to say in many situations, as long as you inspire me and are in the same mood)
- Discovering new Places (cities and countryside/outdoors).
- Hiking / Road tripping / Bike riding.
- Meeting Foreign People to discover other cultures and speak other Languages (practice the ones I know, learn survival vocabulary in other ones).
- Anthropology, Psychology and so on, that I started to become fascinated in during my trip/life around the World.
- Sports (basically any, but first football/soccer, then, in no particular order, table tennis, table football, tennis, skiing, water skiing, beach volley...). I'd like to try "all" extreme sports once as well.
- Dancing: I used to learn salsa, tango/bachata, flamenco, reggaeton and hip hop!
- Contemplating Architecture.
- Modern Art and Design.

And... what YOU are gonna help me discover and enjoy!

  • arts
  • culture
  • architecture
  • design
  • modern art
  • documentaries
  • acting
  • dancing
  • salsa dancing
  • flamenco
  • tango
  • bachata
  • cooking
  • potluck
  • picnic
  • partying
  • blogging
  • magic
  • survival
  • guitar
  • cycling
  • hiking
  • skiing
  • sports
  • soccer
  • olympics
  • tennis
  • table tennis
  • world cup
  • anthropology
  • history
  • languages
  • psychology
  • hitchhiking
  • volunteering
  • adventure travel
  • nature
  • adventure
  • football
  • fun
  • instagram
  • adventures
  • couchsurfing
  • outdoors
  • jokes
  • reggaeton
  • picnics
  • boardgames
  • hip-hop
  • facebook

Музыка, кино и книги

As a teenager I liked a lot Hip Hop and Rap music.
As a young adult I started to prefer Pop music.
Then I became a bit more Romantic, and so was my music.
And now as a long-term traveler what I probably enjoy the most is Ethnic and Traditional music, World and Folk music (to be honest I am not certain of the precise differences :p)
Oh, but becoming older I can be Classical, and even Nostalgic at times, and listen to... all of that above :D


Comedies (to laugh), Hard science fiction (to "see" the future), Animation (probably the best genre to make my mind travel), Adventure (when they stay realistic, so I can imagine to be there), Thrillers (to try to guess who did what), Dramas (to feel good and bad at the same time, who knows why haha), Romance (to dream about YOU maybe ;D), Horror, eventually (to take you in my arms, and more seriously to help me understand twisted minds I guess)...
Just to name a few:
American ones: "Into the Wild", "Kill Bill", "The Hangover", "8 Mile", "Thank You For Smoking", "V For Vendetta", "Back to the Future", "Seven", "The Game", "What Women Want", "Borat", "Hostel", "Saw", "Click", "Despicable Me", "Kick-Ass"...
French: "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain", "Le Dîner de Cons", "Les Visiteurs", "Dobermann", "Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis", "Persepolis"... (bonus, I guess: "The Little Prince", as it's coming soon)
Spanish-ish: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
Mexican-ish: "Babel"
Argentine: "Mafalda La Película"
Brazilian: "Se Eu Fosse Você"
Italian: "La Vita È Bella"
German: "Good Bye Lenin!"
Japanese: "Battle Royale", "Spirited Away"
Chinese: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"


My tastes have definitely changed over the years, but the ones that I probably liked the most, at that time at least:
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Diff'rent Strokes, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, South Park, Lascars


Huh?!?!?! What the bleeeeep are you talking about?! ^^
OK, I will name one: "Maus, a survivor's tale" graphic novel.

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

Done : ʇɐɥʇ ?
Seen: my reflection in the mirror?
Just kidding!!! So many things I'm proud of... and I hope it's just the beginning... I'm still young (well kind of :D)(This last sentence is less and less accurate as I wrote it in 2006! But let's say young by heart :p)

Once upon a time... I used to work (what? David France Mundo used to work?! :p) as a telesales deputy manager and sales representative in office supplies, with a short but successful career (2+3 years), becoming the best seller of my company, out of 500... well actually I was supposed to be the 1st one, and so to win a trip to South Africa, but in the end I officially ended 2nd, those bastards preferring to change the results (or rather the "rules", just few days before the end of the 1-year-competition), because of a "casting couch" (if you don't know the meaning, check it out)... lucky me, it opened my eyes on the (crappy) system... I ended that job on July 23rd, 2005, and on the 24th I was leaving France for my first trip by myself, the one that changed my life forever... Thanks again, you bastards! :oD

(All in all, I have worked (through an official contract or an informal mission) as Inventory Clerk, Shop Assistant, Delivery Man, Waiter, Recruiter, Training Officer, Telesales Operator, Telesales Team Manager, Business-to-Business Sales Representative, Airport Check-in and Boarding Agent, Private English Teacher, Bodyguard, Au Pair, Cat Sitter, Dog Sitter, Background Actor, Lodging Manager, Mystery Shopper... what a life)

My 3-month trip around North America during the summer 2005 was quite crazy, as I am... first time traveling alone, so far away from my home, visiting so many cities (about 35), meeting so many people from so many countries (26)...
Other things that made that adventure unique? Riding Greyhound 95% of the time, hitchhiking twice (my first times doing that); walking toward my hostel 2 hours at night partly on the highway; sleeping in youth hostels (60% of the time), at penpals' (15%) or on the bus (25%); being invited, while standing in a subway station, by a Mexican family to stay at their place, for no reason but meeting/helping a foreigner (I decided not to go the 1st day but the 2nd... and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th... tan hermoso); performing all the way to the final of Fear Factor live, in front of an audience of 4000 eyes...
That's simple: those 3 months = my best time ever!!!

The 2006 Football/Soccer World Cup in Germany... I was supposed to attend only 1 game... I finally got the chance to attend 9... 4 of them for free (France-Brazil in VIP area plus both semi finals and the final game), thanks to lucky meetings!!!
The world was gathering in the same place, people being patriotic but in the good way, lots of colors!
Plus my meetings with some French players, some famous people (politics, former players, TV hosts) and the interviews I gave for TV (French, German, Portuguese, Arab, South Korean) and newspapers ("Le Parisien" in France and "Extra" in Ecuador)...
That's simple: that month there = my 2nd best time ever!

Survive to 3 months living with my newly ex girlfriend (and ex-future wife)! :D Or how to change an "awkward situation" as people had said at first to an "interesting situation" as some others plus those same people said then! :) As people told me I made the most of my time there (in Sunny California) and I actually have found a 2nd family... hers! :)

My Eurotrip early 2008
I was supposed to go to Southern France for a few days but my flight had been canceled due to fog ; I came back home from the airport super disappointed, and had 3 days to rebook my flight... but luckily on the airline website there was an offer to get tickets all over Europe for super cheap... I realized that I could tour my continent starting from Southern France... I had to do it! :)
Plus since I was willing to live in another country asap, I thought that I might find my future destination :)
Plus to discover new countries/cultures
Plus practice different languages / learn survival vocabulary in new languages
Plus to meet fellow Couchsurfers!
Less than 10 days later, I was on the road (or rather in the sky) again! :)
I've been hosted by single individuals, by people with flat/house mates (up to 6), by couples, by families!
Some offered me a piece of floor, some a couch, some to share their bed (as friends), some to take their bed while they were taking the couch!
Some wanted me to have a place to stay, some wanted me to make of the most of my stay!
Some made me experience their daily life, some introduced me to their friends, some to their family!
Some told me about the local food, some cooked for me!
Some helped me organize a CS party, some offered me to organize a party at their place!
Some gave me hints about the local habits, some offered me to experience the local life together!
Some let me drive their car, some gave me a spare key, some equipped me a spare phone!
Some wanted to know more about my country, my life, or my Eurotour, some wanted to practice or learn some French!
Some did (almost) all of that above!!!
Whatever has been offered to me, I know that all my hosts did everything they were able to do, offered me everything they were able to offer!!!

Meetings during this trip :
Within 45 days, I've been to 12 CS meetings... in 12 different countries! I always checked if there was one organized, and when there wasn't any, I created one, asking my host for a tip about where to have it and at what time (and once being offered by my host to have it at her place)
Some "evening" gatherings started at 5pm, in Northern Europe, some others at 10pm, in Southern Europe.
Sometimes we were ~10, sometimes ~80.
Sometimes only CSers, sometimes friends of friends.
Sometimes there was no theme and it was in a bar, sometimes a dinner at a restaurant, sometimes a board games night, sometimes a city tour, sometimes a potluck, sometimes in a disco, sometimes a birthday party, sometimes for a freeze event.
Each time it helped me to get to know locals habits a bit more, meet lots of locals and travelers.

Once back in France (that I don't want to call "home" anymore) I took time to decide what I really wanted... I realized that I had traveled quite a lot lately, and even if I did enjoy it, I now wanted to actually live in different parts of the world, spending each time between 3 months and 1 year, to see how locals live and to learn new languages (or improve the ones I already knew). Another amazing thing is that right before leaving, I found a file in my computer that I had created back in 2003... where I was exactly imagining what I now do 5 years later!!!
And when in May 2004 I came back from my first holiday in Barcelona (2-3 days) I remember that I told my family (and wrote in Messenger lol) that I would go back to BCN one day, to live there... and guess where I started my 80 months around-the-world tour... in Barcelona of course :-)
Yes, you can cry, this is such a great story, isn't it? :D

December 31, 2008 to January 28, 2009: Cuba!!! I saw/did something pretty amazing almost every single day... because Cuba is a country totally aside, but because of my way of traveling as well. Just to name a few:
- Celebrating New Year's Eve twice (once in the plane when it turned midnight in Spain where the flight was coming from and with the crew dancing and offering champagne to anybody, and once 2 hours after landing in La Havana) (!)
- Being followed twice by people who wanted to rob me, but each time finding a way out (the 1st time eventually taking a picture of him, and the 2nd time by directly telling the guy that I had understood what he was doing and getting angry at him :D) (!)
- Getting my Cuban girlfriend/date arrested by the police (because even if officially it's not a problem, unofficially a Cuban citizen can't kiss a foreigner unless they are married apparently :s) (!)
- Getting on a very old steam locomotive (!), by chance (!)(when I saw it stopped on the way I asked them if I could get into the locomotive to take pictures, quickly after they started to leave without saying anything, I hadn't bought any ticket :P) and finally being allowed to run it (!)
- Seeing the (little) celebration that took place in Cuba for the 50 years of the revolution that was exactly happening when I was there
- Having a crowd of about 15 people forming around me because I had taken out my camera and they had never seen any (and asked me to take pictures of them and show them right after) (!)
- Seeing people walking everywhere on the highway and hitchhiking there (and doing myself the same) (!)
- Seeing a policeman coming to me while hitchhiking on the highway, thinking that I was in trouble, and realizing that he came to me to beg me for money (!)
- Going to a city where there was almost no car and people were using animals to move themselves within the city (!)
- Buying a small but really yummy piece of cake and a small milkshake for less than 6 Eurocents... in total (!)
- HAVING TO seat with strangers in that same tearoom (tables are for 4, and you have to be 4 at the table)(you enter 4 by 4, with people who were in front of you or in your back in the (long) line) (!)
- Getting a piece of cartboard to use as a fork; and a piece of cartboard shaped as a bowl to hold an ice-cream ball (!)
- Not getting sick at any moment even if eating the food usually reserved for Cuban people 95% of the time (with its hygienic conditions VERY low)
- Hitchhiking in the whole country, the last ride being about 600 kms at the back of a truck
- Meeting on the streets and taking a picture with the guy who has been on the cover of the Lonely Planet Cuba for years and years (!)
- Staying at some places where there was no hot water at all, and where the (cold) water was open to citizens only few hours a day (!)
- Getting several times taxi rides for free (!)
- Seeing people stop to offer me a ride even if I wasn't hitchhiking but only walking by the road (!)
- Getting a free private music demo offered by a guy met on the streets (!)
- Couchsurfing whithout using the CS page: sometimes with tourists met on the streets who were sharing their room with me for free, other times staying whith locals met on the way, even if they were taking a huge risk as it is prohibited (unless you ask a few months in advance a special authorization, that you can get twice a year maximum) (!)
- Seeing in the morning where the 60ish year-old couple who hosted me had slept... directly on the floor, while giving me their bed (!)
- Using the local money 95 % of the time even if it's supposed to be prohibited (!)
- Being told a few times by Cubans and even jineteros/hustlers "You are more Cuban than I am" (meaning I am even better at negotiating) (!)
It was like going back to the past, maybe 50 years ago if I'm referring to France... that's simple, my month there was the most extraordinary month of my whole life :D

January 28, 2009 to June 12,2009: living in Mexico City and traveling in the countries of Mexico and Guatemala
2 months living in Mexico City, couchsurfing for the whole time: 4 weeks at one place (having my own bedroom, bathroom, laptop lended) and then 5 weeks somewhere else (having in that case my own place and a lent phone!).
I then traveled in the countries of Mexico and Guatemala for 2 months, couchsurfing all the time, staying most of the time with families (my host was usually my age but living with her/his parents and sisters/brothers) and falling in love with Mexican people in general... my heart is still there! One example of how nice Mexican people can be: I went to a football game in the Aztec stadium, a girl met there first asked me to exchanged our team shirts... after I politely refused as I wanted to keep mine, she very nicely decided to offer me hers, and insisted for me to take it! I've seen many beautiful things on the way, but the unforgettable one is for sure the active volcano I walked on in Guatemala (if it was allowed to get close, it was actually prohibited to walk on for safety measures... but you know, prohibited means exciting for me most of the time :P)

In July 2009, I flew from Los Angeles to Miami in First Class, and from Miami to Buenos Aires in Business Class... for 55 USD in total!!! (using 50000 miles offered by the grandmother of my 2-year-old ex-girlfriend (the story with that girl was 2-year-old at that time, not the ex-GF lol) (after having spent 3 weeks living with the family of that girl, and meeting everybody but... her (she is now married and her man bitch (did I say her man bitch? Sorry, I meant her husband, my bad :P) didn't want me around, who knows why :P))

In September 2009 I hosted Cintia from Chile. To help her carrying her luggage (she bought clothes to open a business there) she offered me a round trip bus ticket Buenos Aires-Santiago de Chile :D

Unfortunately since mid-2009 I haven't updated that section, but there are many more adventures to talk about, especially since I have CouchSurfed even more than before, became a professional hitchhiker (including once from Paris to Vladivostok, 12500km), stayed various times with people met on the streets (including a bum!), performed as a background actor (in France, in Japan, and in Brazil for telenovelas kkk), randomly meeting friends around the world (I mean, like on the streets, by total coincidence, years after we first met, and on a different continent from the one we had known each other in), got to know the Ukrainian mafia first hand (feeling like in a movie), being the main protagonist of Russian and Japanese documentaries (and meeting, years later, a guy who had happened to watch it online... the very same day of our encounter), helped a girl to escape a guy who was molesting her on the streets understanding what was going on when she pretended she knew me and made her get in a taxi (trusting her even though they may have been tricking and kidnapping me when I think about it now haha, but no, then taking me out for dinner, and finally making me accompany her home... but that's it, end of the movie-like situation :D), been mistaken for a spy in Lebanon (hence having to fully strip down to prove I wasn't hiding a mic) and a terrorist in Jordan (spending 2 nights in custody), etc etc etc :D

The last but not the least... MEETING YOU? ;-)

PS: I started blogging late 2017, mostly about my new adventures, sometimes about old ones, find me on my other social medias, @ExploreFeelGood

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией


French kisssss!!! (did I say that loud? :oD)(for girls only :p)(disclaimer: I know that CS is not a dating site... I'm only talking about teaching the best from my country, as a cultural thing... OK, I could even offer French romance if you insist, but just because it's you, OK? ;-D)

OK, more seriously now...
I can try to teach something else... well, let me think (which might take time since, in case you haven't noticed yet, I'm blond-haired :-D)
OK all jokes aside, I could teach you French language (but as well help you improve your English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or even learn a bit of Russian, or a tiny bit of German, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin or Arabic), cross-cultural differences (between the USA, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia and Northern-Africa), computer/Internet tricks, cheap (if not free) ways to travel, football/soccer (I played for about 20 years, at all positions), how to see the bright side of anything (AKA glass half-full), ways to go green (ecological), how to appear on TV during sports events, how to appear in movies or series, and even maybe just maybe how to have a crush on me! :-p

Just ask ;)



First I could share my time with you...
While doing so, we'll have to share smiles... actually let's start now :-) ...
Quickly we would for sure share laughs...
As well we would probably share activities...
Of course we could share music and movie recommendations...
Sharing tips about travels, about life in general, would be great too...
All of this without forgetting that we all share this planet (that we therefore have to treasure)...
And finally we would happily but a bit melancholically share memories ;)

What else? (George Clooney, get out of my body!! :D)



I wish I could learn something new every single day! Honestly, it can be kind of anything. This list keeps growing. For now I'm thinking of survival vocabulary in your language, dance moves (I'm not the best dancer ever, but you could have fun trying to teach me something lol)(I used to learn salsa, tango, flamenco, reggaeton and hip hop), something about your culture, how to cook, how to play music (any kind, regular or exotic ones, but first guitar and piano), freestyle football, magic, how to seduce YOU (well if you're a guy, or my mother, just take it as another of my bad jokes :p)...

Just offer ;)



I know I won't have enough time in all my life to do all I would love to do, to see all I would love to see, to meet all the people I would love to meet, to learn all I would love to learn, to teach all I would love to teach, to share all I would love to share... but I would like, and am actually determined, to do it as much as possible!
~David France Mundo (AKA myself :p)

"I have a dream!" ~Martin Luther King Jr.
"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." ~Picasso
“"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~Albert Einstein.
"“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." ~Les Brown

“All our dreams can come true... if we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney

"The rain starts with a single drop." ~Manal al-Sharif
"Know your limits, but never accept them." Anonymous
"“Be reasonable, demand the impossible." Anonymous
“"Limits exist only in the mind." Anonymous

“"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do." ~Confucius

“"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." ~John Lennon

"“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." ~Confucius
“"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." ~Anthony J. D'Angelo

"“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." ~Jim Rohn
"“Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet." ~Carl Sagan

"It does not matter how long you live, but how well you do it." ~Martin Luther King Jr.
“"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~A. Lincoln

"“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams." ~Doug Ivester
"“It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~George Eliot

~David France Mundo (AKA myself :p)



✓ I've encouraged people not to look for a nice couch but to somebody to meet (who by chance has a piece of floor to offer).
✓ I've made some people discover what CS is all about.
✓ I've made some people who heard about CS to actually have a look at the website.
✓ I've made some people who only had an account to actually have a hosting/surfing experience.
✓ I've indirectly made some people financially support the project.
For example there was this guy who had sent me a very basic CouchRequest, I declined it but gave him many tips/links about CS as he was new... he answered me this (translating the message from French to English): "Thank you for your advice. I completed my profile. I surfed a little more about the site and it is true that I had not realized all the possibilities it was offering. So I enrolled in a group, I made a donation to be validated ... I enter the community with great enthusiasm! Thank you again."
✓ I've sent "welcome messages" to new members, explaining a few things directly in that message, trying to help them understand what CS is all about, and offered to meet up for more interactivity.
✓ I've hosted lots pf people who hadn't any CS experience everybody has to start somewhere).
✓ I've been the first guest ever of many people, even sometimes of people who weren't offering a couch, or didn't want to host males.
✓ I've sometimes accepted invitations of people who wanted to meet me / host me, just because I felt it was important for them.
✓ I've made lots of people go for the first time ever to a CS meeting (starting by a few hosts I've had), by creating events even when just traveling, or offering people to meet up there.
✓ I've helped a few CS friends of mine to stay at other CS friends'.
✓ I've decided (around Feb. 2008, after my first 2 months of meeting lots of people), to leave references only to people that I've met out of meetings... but still intend to add the people I meet, so it proves that they are active in the community and plus help me to keep in touch.
✓ I've never vouched anybody without going to her/his place or receiving her/him in mine... and I don't systematically vouch for my hosts/guests either.
✓ I've sent a message to people vouching for me a bit too soon in my opinion, to thank them but at the same time tell them that I was a bit embarrassed as I thought I didn't deserve it, wouldn't vouch back, and that vouching was to be done when better knowing the person.
Once a girl answered me that she thought I had deserved it, anyway now tried to delete the vouch but it wouldn't work... I told her that this is precisely why one should be careful when vouching for another member (and hence why you should yourself).

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