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It is nice to see you on my profile! My name is Dawid and my surname in polish means hedgehog 🦔🦔
I'm a sport freak, training tennis and used to run a lot.
I'm also really into literature. Big fan of poetry, reading and writing as well, but rather just for me, as a katharsis.
My biggest authorities are my family and friends. I'm absolutely dedicated to the people I love.
I love to travel, thats the time when I enjoy life the most, anywhere I am I feel free and I feel good with myself and my thoughts.
...and I don't drink coffe. (life taught me that it is an important issue to meant)

Feel free to text me with any problem or question. Hope to meet you, wish you well, whoever you are. 🙋

我为什么加入 Couchsurfing

Being a hichhiker means for me like higher level of travelling. It gives an oppourtunity to get to know not only the history or the culture but also the people. People who will willingly tell you a local mystery or legend which you will remember much more than a century of building another cathedral. People who will prepare for you super-cool dinner from recipe of their grandma. With a bit of local alcohol it's better than any restaurant you could go to. People who will learn you fancy sentences in their language which you could impress somebody on a night out (or at least you will entertain some girls and they will think you're cute).
I live for the moments and I look for these moments right here. Moments with free and fun people who wants to enjoy their time. ✌🌎


  • literature
  • poetry
  • drinking
  • traveling
  • sports
  • people
  • harry potter
  • moutains


Huge Potterhead.
Really like calssical literature, but also a big fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Have a big spectrum in music. From The Beatles, Nirvana, RHCP, through Shakira and Bruno Mars to twenty one pilots, Taco Hemingway and Billie Eilish.
Also like tv series, Friends, Stranger things and Peaky Blinders.


Handstand on the hill of the moutain in the swimming suit in winter. 🤸


What can I teach you?
I can take you to the court and teach you some simple tennis shots,
Some useful polish worlds,
How to have fun on a polish karoke (I can't sing, be prepare),
How to make a good smoothie (lovethat).


Although I usually travel with a really big backpack I don't have much things in there I could share. But I have a lot to share from my mind. I'd talk with you about our travel experiences, I can recomend you my favourite places. We could discuss about literature and sport. Feel free to ask me about anything you want. We could also go for a tennis practice on a court If you want to learn. Sometimes I'm taking with me a bottle of polish vodka for a special occasion. Maybe you will be the lucky one. 😂🍻


Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain



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