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  • 117 referenze 51 Confermato e positivo
  • Lingua che parla fluentemente English, Turkish; lingua che sta imparando Chinese, Georgian, Japanese
  • 35, Uomo
  • Membro dal 2017
  • sales representative marketing headworker technician (lab...
  • international relations, agriculturel marketing
  • Di Akhisar, Manisa, Türkiye
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Chi sono

Do not write without reading my profile

I am taking firm steps towards becoming an ambassador. In my 15 years of CS experience, I treat everyone equally, as I do now. I am totally against discrimination (Please respond positively or negatively when receive a message)
In my opinion, anyone who deliberately reads and does not reply is being discriminatory. cs is humanity, helping each other, learning good things.

I met some traveler friends online (male users) They live close to me and they rejected my invitation They said I only accept invitations from women such people defined this as preference, not discrimination What they do is discrimination There is no other way to describe this

Thyateira ancient city 300 meters away museum 250 meters away You can stay at my house as long as you follow the house rules. cs It's not in the free hotel app, my home is not hotel only real members can stay gender discrimination is the bleeding wound of cs

When a man makes plans, he can't find anyone to stay with or meet with, even for 2 days. But when a woman publishes a paper, she finds 4 or 5 hosts and even receives invitations from 6 or 7 cities. I repeat, I warn you Therefore, male users who only have female references should definitely not write.

We are here for humanity, kindness, happiness social activities special days foreign language development As long as you follow the rules you always have a home in Akhisar

My references have decreased because my old friends have disabled or deleted their profiles.

I regularly organize and attend events in nearby areas. CS is a very important application in my life. If you do not have a place to stay in Balikesir Manisa Izmir regions, you can contact us directly telegram line instagram wp fb i have

Sometimes i gardening and field work in my spare time. My farm is 8km away from my house, I can't always be available

some jealous users are blocking me

their purposes are different
pathetic people

They're jealous that people's families choose me

I say it again, CS is not Air BNB or Tinder.

(Sadece bayan referansı olan hiyarlar profilimden uzak dursun erkek olunca işi olanlar bayan olunca arabası yatı yazlığı olan abaza tayfalar türünuze yer yok)

Sometimes I send messages to people I organize rallies in my hometown and nearby places Our aim is to improve our foreign language and to treat our guests well. Remember the world is small I work two jobs, I'm busy, but I try to help as much as possible.

Our number of members is decreasing I hosted more than 200 people in total with warmshwrs wrkaway cs and other applications.

Akhisar city I have got a home and here is some small rules

No shoes go inside
don't leave a mess
couchsurfing is about discover new ideas new people new places

Not for FREE LOADERS who only want Free ACCOMODATION

Keep clean and tidy also eat in kitchen not sitting room or another room
I would appreciate if you pay attention to the cleanliness please do not visit if you are drunk or alcoholic (no smoking no alchol no drugs)

I treated everyone equally, I tried to help, I had no commercial purposes, I am original CS user, but there were some events that made me sad. I was discriminated many times while traveling. Therefore, men who only have female references should stay away from my profile

sorry to say that % 55 of members use it for unwanted purposes

If I were you, I would read carefully, if there is no discrimination, I'm in. everybody is equal Ladies only creatures woman hunters tinder users and gays stay away from my profile
Anyone who uses this application for commercial purposes ..should stay away from my profile.(once i sent request someone for stay and one alien respound me with this
No i cant host because we only host air bnb guests ))

To live alone and free and brotherly like a forest I will be proud to help you

Since 2010 i use couchsurfing
Do not write if you are not vaccinated im full vaccinated I would appreciate it if you message me 24/12 hours before your arrival. I usually respond negatively to instant hosting messages my new home is in the center of akhisar
We are always behind you couchsurfing

You can call me ibo
1989 aquarius I love metal music billard table tennis video games cinema
Wanna share my ideas
learning new things patient and talkative already busy with my jobs so lets colour our social life do whatever you want but dont forget life is only mini exam for us i love humanity be like a panda black white and asian things will change and we gonna see coming soon (couchsurfing changed my life special thanx to couchsurfing team) here comes the new cs users we have a long way to go
Imnot smoking also drinking (alchol) if you wanna drink i can.go.on with tea cola or coffe
We do not get peace by war, but by understanding
you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you

sabakunoryu is my line and telegram id

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing

(First mission read my profile )

First of all thanx for read my profile i have got too many references also from old accounts im in Akhisar i work optional system so imnot acepting guests everday.we can explore area together drink and eat something play games go cinema i can be good guide for you i love people here is in no limit for us all we need new friends new brotherhood new hobbies new ideas...new smiles new happiness new stories explore new places new laughs new tastes....life goes on our mission is about earn not about lose..we need to be a patient and positive.

music dance and chat
We must carry on show must go on..if there is a couchsurfing that means you can found laughs music fun humanity dance delicious (traditional ) foods
And too much social activity

I love couchsurfing


Travel sports video games new ideas traditional foods

  • cartoons
  • video games
  • team sports
  • watching sports
  • metal music
  • learning languages
  • travels
  • couchsurfing
  • stories
  • traditions
  • online marketing
  • couch surfing
  • metro
  • league of legends
  • online gaming
  • online education
  • naruto
  • online business
  • traditional music
  • traditional dance
  • witcher
  • 90s music
  • arcade games

Musica, film e libri

90s rock nu trash death metal music Turkish arabesque
(Metallica linkin korn limp.bizkit the moody blues slipknot modern talking Cengiz kurtoglu Yusuf hayaloglu Muslum gurses pentagram)

Financial times caricature magazines funnies

x men transformers resident evil mad max terminator ninja turtles bruce lee ip man taxi aliens vs predators avengers spider man men in black gojira (godzilla) series arcane witcher metro light redux redux exodus sam story 2 colonels all series ) doom wolfenistein(all series)

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

Found good friends we showed people world is small and distances wont be reason for lose hopes 😂 *\(^o^)/*

Insegna, impara, condividi

No matter distances small world
Life is short all we need respect and brotherhood

The only way to defeat a superior enemy is to stop at nothing. To become what they fear. #arcane

Special thnx to eki for kept promise about + 9000km

Drought is starting, I miss the old productive, happy days, mankind cut down trees for roads, factories, houses, mother nature will take its revenge slowly, natural disasters are just the beginning.

Cosa posso offrire ai padroni di casa

Adrenaline music traditional foods new ideas new people positive energy respect brotherhood laughs teen spirit

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