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Chi sono

Hi all, the world of surfers,

Since I registered here, knew a lot of interesting things and had great opportunities around. Thank you so much for the discovery of someone of you.

I’m Rafkhat, can describe myself as decent, open-minded, honest and reliable. I am interested in many things happening around me, that many people say about me as an inquisitive person. I can support many topics of conversation, including modern technologies, urban design, architecture, history, politics, religion, IT solutions, Future development etc. In other words, it’s not boring for me - we will find a topic for conversation. Depending on the situation, sometimes there is a "tear-off moment";)
As an airline worker now have a great opportunity to travel around the world, so my big time of exploring the World has started.

I'm a big fan of Ski Jumping competitions and plane-spotting activities also.
Love eating and cooking local meals by myself and trying where I’ve been 😉😁 . As a new member of this travel app I haven’t any additional/full information about myself here, but if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate.
Welcome to Kazakhstan

Russian-speaking surfers only, FYI and A

Я открытый, прямой человек и ищу интересных гостей. Если Вы не говорите/не понимаете по-английский то можете писать запрос на русском языке.Также я могу быть иногда очень занят; поговорить или сходить куда нибудь не бывает возможным, это значит что ожидаю от вас быть независимым и смекалистым ;)
Запросы, где не отображено минимальная информация от респондента, персонализированного текста с указанием «что/кто/как и когда?» могу принять не сразу, извините; вам придется подождать (я вынужден пересмотреть свой график и иные планы).
В вашем персональном случае более подробные и дополнительные детали нашей встречи будет обговорено незамедлительно так как я работаю в сменный график.
P.S. Научитесь писать и читать отзывы, это должно быть вашим творческим моментом об впечатлении общих моментов, приключении и времяпровождения. Избегайте банальных, дежурных фраз - не стесняйтесь выражать свое актуальное мнение (знаю, всем не угодишь, но истина дороже любых фальшивых комментов) Спасибо всем, Welcome to Kazakhstan.

I like people with an unspoiled reputation j

You can be anyone, do anything = just be honest with the people around you (we don't have much time for showdowns, don't we?)

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing

By the aims of this travel-app, is similar to the renowned Kazakh hospitality, as most Asian people are always happy to be a guest and visit guests too (I remember as a child, my parents also went to visit and could receive guests at different times, for different situations, which gave me very great life lesson.). In the culture of our people, it is not customary to leave guests on the outside, we always welcome guests. Thanks to this app firstly, that we have the opportunity to touch the real life of "local", as in other circumstances it is impossible (to know the modern to be, culture and the need for everyday life).

The answer to the question asked in this section is, that in the modern world, in the era of globalization, the replacement of the value and openness of spaces in general, I want to look at the world with my own eyes! Start to learn something new, which didn't know before. Communicate with different people: by age, by nature, according to opinion, by different countries. Want have a user experience and help to other travelers, also need community with other culture exchange and travel hacks.

My slogan

As a HOST - Live Like Local!
As a GUEST - Bring yourself!
As a CO-TRAVELER/Hangout - Let it DO 😉!


Ski jumping
Plane spotting

  • traveling
  • hitchhiking
  • lifestyle
  • airplanes
  • edm music
  • ski jumping
  • planespotting
  • local meals

Musica, film e libri

EDM, Some traditionally music

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

Base jumping,

I hosted 11 surfers same time, It was crazy 😜

Insegna, impara, condividi

Some types of travel hacks,
Preparing simple food,

Trying to be UI/UX Designer j

Cosa posso offrire ai padroni di casa

My story of vision.
Previous travel experience and some gifts :)


Paesi che ho visitato

Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

Paesi in cui ho vissuto


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