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  • Idiomas que habla bien Persian (Farsi); está aprendiendo English
  • 23, Hombre
  • Miembro desde 2022
  • A Mobile Developer
  • Bachelor's degree in Electronics
  • De Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Has completado un 85% de tu perfil

Sobre mí

Connecting Hearts through Technology and Adventure :)

Hello there, fellow adventurers and explorers! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my virtual world of friendship and wanderlust. My name is Sajad, and I am delighted to share a little glimpse of who I am with you.

As a passionate freelance mobile developer, I find myself on a never-ending quest to merge the magic of technology with the wonders of the world. With lines of code and a touch of creativity, I bring ideas to life and create apps that aim to make people's lives easier and more enjoyable.

Beyond the realm of screens and keyboards, there's another facet of my life that I treasure wholeheartedly – my insatiable love for traveling. My spirit craves the thrill of exploring new places, embracing diverse cultures, and forging connections with fellow globetrotters. For me, traveling is not just about ticking off destinations on a map; it's about the shared experiences and the moments of genuine connection that touch our souls and expand our horizons.

I believe that every journey we embark on is an opportunity to learn and grow, to immerse ourselves in different ways of life, and to celebrate the richness of our global community. Whether I'm wandering through the bustling streets of a vibrant city, hiking along breathtaking trails, or savoring the serenity of a tranquil beach, each experience shapes me into a better version of myself.

My quest on Couchsurfing is to cultivate a vibrant network of like-minded souls, all eager to share their stories, wisdom, and laughter. I thrive in the company of kind-hearted individuals who embrace spontaneity, appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity, and revel in the joy of making lasting memories together.

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm a firm believer in the power of laughter. Life is too short not to share moments of joy, and I find immense delight in making people smile. With an optimistic outlook and a playful spirit, I'm always up for exciting adventures and making new friends along the way.

So, dear fellow adventurers, if you share a passion for technology, a love for traveling, and an unwavering enthusiasm for connecting with new people, I can't wait to meet you! Let's embark on a journey of laughter, exploration, and profound connections, creating memories that will light up our hearts for years to come.

See you on the road of friendship and discovery!


Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing

Embracing the World with Open Arms

I find myself drawn to Couchsurfing with an unwavering eagerness to explore the world and connect with its diverse inhabitants. As a passionate mobile developer, I thrive on creating connections, not just through technology, but through genuine human interactions that transcend borders and backgrounds.

Couchsurfing offers an extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in the vibrant tapestry of global cultures, and it aligns perfectly with my insatiable love for traveling. Beyond the usual tourist spots, I yearn to experience the authentic essence of each destination by staying with locals, sharing stories, and embracing their way of life.

Through Couchsurfing, I hope to cultivate a vibrant network of like-minded souls who share my zest for life, my appreciation for cultural diversity, and my belief in the power of shared experiences. I look forward to opening my heart and my home to fellow wanderers, offering a cozy space to rest their heads, and a genuine friendship that transcends the boundaries of time and distance.

As a firm believer in the joy of laughter and the magic of human connections, I see Couchsurfing as a gateway to building lasting memories with kind-hearted individuals from all walks of life. Together, we can create a global community of adventurers who embrace spontaneity, celebrate diversity, and embark on exhilarating journeys of discovery.

With each encounter, I aim to learn, grow, and enrich my understanding of the world, leaving a trail of smiles and cherished moments wherever I go. My passion for technology and travel comes together harmoniously on Couchsurfing, where I can offer my skills as a mobile developer to contribute to the platform's community and make the experience even more delightful for fellow travelers.

In essence, I'm on Couchsurfing to extend my hand in friendship to the world, to be a part of a warm and welcoming community that celebrates the beauty of shared adventures. Together, let's embark on a remarkable journey of laughter, exploration, and profound connections, creating memories that will remain etched in our hearts for years to come.


  • chess
  • traveling
  • business
  • learning
  • freelancer
  • connecting with new people
  • technology & programming
  • embracing the convergence

Música, películas y libros

When it comes to music, my heart finds solace in the timeless beauty of classic and non-vocal melodies. The enchanting allure of instrumental compositions, like those found in "Interstellar" or the epic music from "Game of Thrones," resonates with my soul. Each note weaves a tapestry of emotions, taking me on an exhilarating journey of sound and imagination. Whether it's the haunting melodies of a symphony or the ethereal tunes of a film score, instrumental music transports me to worlds beyond the realm of words.

My taste in movies mirrors my love for diverse experiences, and I find myself drawn to three captivating genres that each offer a unique thrill.

Science Movies: The marvels of science have always fascinated me, and science movies ignite my curiosity and sense of wonder. Exploring the realms of space, time travel, and cutting-edge technology, these films take me on an intellectual adventure that leaves me pondering the vast mysteries of our universe.

Action Movies: When it's time for heart-pounding excitement, action movies like "John Wick" and the classic "James Bond" series never fail to deliver. The adrenaline rush, exhilarating stunts, and captivating plotlines keep me on the edge of my seat, immersing me in a world of heroic feats and daring escapades.

Mystery Movies: For an enthralling cerebral experience, I turn to mystery movies that challenge my detective instincts. Shows like the gripping "Blacklist" series captivate me with their enigmatic plots, unexpected twists, and complex characters. Solving puzzles and uncovering hidden truths alongside the protagonists makes for a thrilling and engaging cinematic experience.

Algo increíble que he hecho

The journey of mobile app development has been an exhilarating one for me as I thrive on exploring new frontiers, igniting creativity, and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Each of these three apps—The Crypto App, The Shopping App, and The Weather App—represents my passion for bringing new ideas to life, infusing technology with a human touch, and nurturing a sense of community among users.

As a mobile developer, I relish the challenges that come my way, and I am constantly seeking fresh opportunities to create transformative experiences for users. My desire to explore, innovate, and connect with new people drives me to craft apps that not only cater to practical needs but also elevate the way we interact with technology

Enseña, aprende, comparte

Teaching, learning, and sharing are the pillars of a thriving community, and I am grateful to be a part of this vibrant Couchsurfing family. Whether it's discussing the latest tech trends, exploring the intricacies of app development, or exchanging travel stories from far-flung lands, I am here to engage with each one of you. Let's come together, embrace the power of knowledge exchange, and create meaningful connections that enrich our lives and inspire us to explore new horizons both in the world of technology and beyond. See you on the road of discovery!

Países en los que he vivido


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