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  • Parle couramment  English
  • 51, Homme
  • Membre depuis 2011
  • Bartender Aquarium Designer
  • 1991 Grad. and 26 college credit hrs. at a perfect G.P.A....
  • de TX, USA
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À propos de moi

Bartender and aquarium designer for over two decades. but I still live the life. I am at San antonios only 24/7 aquarium maintenance company. I look forward to more couch surfing events. I have a great sense of humor but as a club worker for over two decades it can become no holds barred. It comes with the territory for the most part but I keep that reserved for adults only.
Also I keep an off the wall schedule. i typically sleep days and dont go to sleep until at least 0500hrs. I will work 24 7 at any hour if need be. but I do not do mornings well at all.but can adapt especially for summer (activities).

Also Ive only been a member since 2015 not sure why it says 2011. Peace !!

Pourquoi je suis sur Couchsurfing

I travel a lot so i have no problem hosting others. People have hosted me all over the nation without couchsurfing I mean. Just good hearted people just willing to help a traveler. I wish I had this option in my past travels.I have become a master of sleeping in my car and I mean a master. I am definitely a survivalist but even better an urban survivalist. Drop me anywhere anytime here in the U.S. and I will make it work no doubt !! I have returned the favor to others via couchsurfing and everybody ive hosted has been incredible. Like I said Ive never never been hosted by use of this site.but looking forward to it.Mardi Gras if possible. my 26th year of vacation and work.

So,,,,,,,, I had taken a break for a while as I was moving but as of now. Im starting back to hosting when I can. Check my profile and references and ill let you know if I can help. Dec .17 2019 Tony C.

Centres d'intérêt

Anything water related
Learning about anything that can be taught to me
Definitely anyone taking me to do something I would never do on my own.Im always down for anything!!
( Just sometimes it takes somebody to push me a bit)
I love to do anything with anyone as long as EVERYBODY is having a good time.
Of course club and nightlife

  • aquaria
  • design
  • education
  • clubbing
  • traveling
  • surfing
  • sports
  • business
  • teaching
  • tourism

Morceaux de musique, films et livres


Old B-Movie Flicks. You know the cheap poorly made ones.Class of nuke em high you know crap like that
Krush Groove !! ( It is a true story of hip hop revolving around Russel Simmons)
Ping pong summer
Wild style
Ice Ts documentary, I think its called The Art of Rhyme.
Weird Science the movie and the six season series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Une aventure extraordinaire que j'ai vécue

Well i had the opportunity to see and Hang out with alot of famous people. Never really made a huge effort but being in the club business it mostly just came my way. I was proud to see and experience real hip hop evolve from the late 70s. and am not impressed where it wound up!! Females are not bitches and if you want to be a thug or glorify drugs and violence do me a favor and go shoot yourself.

Also I was only the third man in my family to graduate and went to college and maintained a perfect 4.0 in college at 26 credit hours. I also raised my daughter preaching education. Got her through High school and she is currently in college. Ive done other amazing things but getting your daughter through high school and into college takes the cake. Believe me I didn't do it alone. Mom gets most of the credit for sure. and many other people family and not family.

Also Mardi Gras because 25 years ago I went for my first time,since then I have picked up a job bartending on bourbon street.Picked up residency although I have always lived in SATX,achived an adopted family including 3 sisters which hosted me until we went through Katrina. They are all well but relocated. I have earned a second life if you will there. All the locals and what not down to vendors,street performers etc, know me like im here in my hometown. Also got to consult with the Educational Dept of The Aquarium of The Americas. What kind of idiot gets a job while on vacation ?? ME !!! My adopted family was just an incredible bonus and story you couldn't make up or write. To me that's an accomplishment.

Enseignez, apprenez, partagez

If you have been to my website yes I can teach Ichthyology (Aquariology) on a college level. I love promoting education in this field and have been a guest speaker and consultant for schools and what not many a time.

Definitely Knowledge of this city in all facets. I grew up here in Texas all my life about 90 % here in SATX,but don't ask me about the history,I find it very boring and am not interested. Sorry Texas !

Ce que j'aimerais partager avec mes hôtes

I know this city front to back and if you like water sports and the night life I am definitely your guy. I just moved to a new place where now I live by myself,no roommate which is a good thing. I'm about 3 miles from the airport and 8 miles from the heart of downtown.

Also I live alone in a large one bedroom apt with a king size bed. 80 % of the time I sleep in the living room where my computer ,cable,easy access to the kitchen and what not are, so your welcome to it. There is however a Roku Tv and DVD player in the bedroom.

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