Bathed in sunlight at the edge of the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Florida, Miami is one of the cleanest, most fun-loving cities in the United States. This city has world-class dining and shopping, a lively Cuban influence, and one of the most legendary nightlife scenes on the east coast. For a lively night out, take a walk down Ocean Boulevard and pop into one of the dozens of clubs that line the street.

Make your way to Coral Castle, a mind-blowing structure made from massive blocks of coral weighing several tons each, all built by a solitary man without the use of heavy machinery. Join the droves of suntanned locals at South Pointe Park on the southernmost tip of Miami, then hop over to South Beach to join a volleyball game and splash around in the waves. It’s the perfect place to lay back on a beach towel, soak up the sun, and watch the cruise ships come rolling in from the Bahamas.

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