With a well-preserved Old Town and a backdrop of snowcapped peaks, Bern is a remarkable city in Switzerland. Begin at the famous Zytglogge (clock tower), an astronomical clock that still performs every hour, using all its original mechanical parts. The head to the beautiful Budeshaus (Swiss Parliament) for a free guided tour of this grandiose, copper-domed building. Visitors can also see the Einstein House, where Albert Einstein lived in the early 1900’s and developed his famous theory of relativity, changing the world of science as we know it.

Explore Bern’s green spaces by making your way to Zentrum Paul Klee to admire the unique architecture and parks surrounding it before feasting your eyes on the incredible artwork inside. After that, it’s time to check out Bärenpark. Bern was named after a bear found in the forest, and the city still maintains a bear enclosure, located right by the river with stunning views over the Old Town.


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