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  • 111 avis 92 Confirmé et positif
  • Parle couramment  Spanish; apprend  English, French, Italian, Portuguese
  • 43, Homme
  • Membre depuis 2018
  • Motivational speaker
  • Marketing
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À propos de moi

✈Travelling to all the PARTY-LIKE-A-DANCER-STAR destinations in the world, MEET BEAUTIFUL SOULS and if there is a place to get lost while CYCLING endless kilometers or DANCE BACHATA and/or for hours and hours even better!!! 🌅

✈Enthusiastic, happy go lucky 😄 open minded, crazy and INTERESTING globetrotter who just keep learning, dreaming and be a better person everyday :D

✈Whenever I can, always happy to meet up for a coffee ☕, hot chocolate, a drink and/or just go with flow and enjoy your company 🍻🍹 🍷🍸 :D

✈Currently living in beautiful Seville, Spain and working as a secret agent but who knows in the where else in the future. I'm an intrepid and adventurous traveler with a fervent passion to explore the world and who loves meeting new people. I'm super friendly, outgoing, open-minded, tolerant and guess what a dreamer who loves meeting stranger who turn out to be friends.

Pourquoi je suis sur Couchsurfing

✈It may sound repetitive but it has completely changed my LIFE! It's pure MAGIC because everytime is different, lots of original and cool people from all over the WORLD! I wish I had known about this site before!

✈They are all a real pain in the ass :) Always POSITIVE and you become much more TOLERANT!!! Everybody I've met (and I meet) in CS encourages me to travel abroad and taste the CS experience on both sides of the game (hosting and being hosted).

✈I like welcoming a surfers as if they were old friends and try to stay with them most of the time if it's possible for me. And yes, it can be very tiring sometimes but it's a nice reason for being tired..., isn't it? :)

✈So far, I have managed to eat all the huge amount of yummy food that a generous surfers cooked for us :)

Overall, I have grown up and learned a lot thanks to all couch surfers that I have hosted over the last few months. Definitely, an unforgettable, priceless and unique experience!!!

As my very good Friends and flatmates Antonio ( and Alejandro ( say: 'tollerant atheists whose mottos are "live and let live'', ''make love and not war', 'believe in yourself and never give up'' and most importantly 'enjoy every single moment.'

Because I love talking, having a good time, sharing wonderful experiences with people from all over the world and why not make new friends :)


I have been organising LOTS of epic salsa and flamenco CS EVENTS for the last few months.


************BY READING THIS AND MY PROFILE HOME BEFORE SENDING ME A COUCHSURFING REQUEST YOU'LL BE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST and therefore MORE ELIGIBLE to be chosen. Indeed, due to the fact that I get a lot of requests, I will mostly answer a request when you really think you would specifically like to stay with me and tell me a little bit about why you think so*******************

👍 A FULL PROFILE is mandatory.

👍 Shitty couchrequests from EMPTY PROFILES will probably be replied with a simple NO with no further explanation.

👍 ¿Eres español o latinoamericano? Escríbeme en español. No obstante, me encanta hablar y aprender otros idiomas :)

👍 For those kamikazes, last minutes requests I will probably say ''NO'' because I might not have ENOUGH time to meet you but never say never.

👍 I usually reply from my laptop or mobile phone in a few hours. Sometimes straight away.

👍 FUNNY messages get extra bonus points, maybe add your own favourite JOKE?

👍 Please send me your dates in this format (Monday, 15th April)

👍 I do quite a few things, so a week/days before you are landing please refreshing me with your arriving dates.

👍 Crazy travellers, please send them all to me! :)

👍 If you are looking for free accommodation only, you are definitely coming in the wrong way.

I follow a few STEPS that I now go by if you are interested in sending me a couch surfing request. Reasons for me following these steps were from past experiences that I've had with hosting couchsurfers.

👍 Send me a proper couchsurfing request. What I mean by that is DO NOT SEND ME A PERSONAL MESSAGE WITHOUT A REQUEST (((((DON'T FORGET THE DATE, PLEASE))))) if you are trying to send in a couch request.

👍 Tell me why you are interested in surfing at my house. Whether you have the same interests as me or not, or even just something simple like if I have black hair it doesn't matter what it is. I like to socialise with different people.

👍 When sending me a request explaining why you want to surf into my home don't simply just say "I need a place to stay" or I'm "just travelling on a low budget''. Oh come on my friend, be a bit more creative! While I do agree that couchsurfing is to stay at someones home I believe there is more to couchsurfing than just that. I like to know a better reason WHY.

👍 If I accept you and you do not end up coming to my house by any reason then please let me know in advance at least a few hours before. There have been a couple of occasions where I accept a person into my house, they don't end up coming over and they have never messaged me letting me know that they will not make it to my house.

However, I don't like writing bad references and I try to be as much FLEXIBLE as possible because in the end we're all human beings and especially when we are travelling something unexpected may come up ;)

👍 Obviously, I will look at your profile before I ACCEPT OR DENY.

👍 I will look at how much EFFORT you put into your profile. If it doesn't look like you put effort into your profile (example: having only one picture or haven't written anything about yourself just seems like a LAZY PERSON). Then, chances are that I will NOT accept.

👍 I also look at your PAST REVIEWS. I do not care about if you have a couple negative reviews. I just want to know how much experience you have with couch surfing. But if you are NEW to couch surfing then it's okay.

👍 If you are TRAVELLING with FRIENDS then I would like to know them as well. If they have any couch surfing profiles or even just facebook, myspace, Linkedin and etc. Then that would be helpful as well if you can attach their link with your request.

👍 Most of all if I accept you into my house.



✈Even way bigger than my references say despite not everybody leaves you one. But most importantly, I will always keep them in my heart. An unforgettable crazy couchsurfer & an amazing guest that we hosted once said: ''the person who created CS should be awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize for cultural exchange.'' Needless to say, I fully support this statement ;)

✈They are all a real pain in the neck :) Always POSITIVE and you become much more TOLERANT (try to be flexible, always smile and take life with a pinch of salt)!!! Everybody I've met (and I meet) in CS encourages me to travel abroad and taste the CS experience on both sides of the game (hosting and being hosted).

✈I like welcoming a surfers as if they were old friends and try to stay with them most of the time if it's possible for me. And yes, it can be very tiring sometimes but it's always a really nice reason for being tired :)

✈Overall, I have grown up and learned a lot thanks to all couch surfers that I have hosted and met over the last few months. Definitely, an unforgettable, priceless and unique experience!!!

✈PS: I have made some really good friends thanks to my couchsurfing experience and met one of the most interesting persons in my life. However, I would say that things are changing from what CS was when I signed up [a while ago] : CS is becoming more and more popular, which is causing that so many new people who have NO IDEA about what is this about, are joining just trying to take advantage of the host finding accommodation for free. Needless to say, we CANNOT tolerate it, we CANNOT allow them to spoil such beautiful and helpful project. We must remind these people that CS is NOT a way to get a hostel for free, but an amazing chance to get into the true-real city through someone who's living in that city.

Centres d'intérêt

✈I love reading, playing football, tennis, climbing, cycling, handball, traveling, dancing (salsa, bacha, kizomba, hip-hop, jazz dance), singing, going on music concerts, languages, cooking, camping, talking for long hours (!), volunteering and above all never stop meeting new people. The show must go on!

Morceaux de musique, films et livres


✈Music: salsa, bachata, kizomba, pop and rock but I do enjoy hearing all kinds of music.

✈Movies and books is hard because I like a lot of them but I'll give it a shot.

✈Books: The Power of Now, Games of Thrones, The White Tiger, Hunger Games, Around the world in 80 days, Aztec, Road to Rome mmm and much more, generally are most detective novels, historic novels, biographies, personal development and marketing as well, recommendations are always welcome!

✈Movies: hangover, PS. I love you, Harry Potter, Batman, Shrek, Gladiator, just go with it, Lord of the Rings, Starwars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious, Dinner for Shmucks, Machete, Zoolander, Dont Mess with the Zohan, Ted Talks and much more...

Une aventure extraordinaire que j'ai vécue

✈Living and working in many different interesting places and meeting so many beautiful souls is something impossible to describe and the first time that I was abroad as well as to walk on the cliffs from an exotic country. Amazing!!! :)

✈Also, I travelled solo for a few months, mostly in remote places so I realised this isn't so amazing without couchsurfing, compared to others' travel experiences.

✈I'm a dreamer who'd love to travel to the Galapagos, hike in Nepal and the Andes, battled poisonous spiders in the Amazon, bed bug free! :-)

Enseignez, apprenez, partagez

✈Travelling to get different perspectives by meeting people from all walks of life. In order for someone to reach their full potential you have to get out of your comfort zone because it requires energy, determination, and courage. I have in doubt been wrong about several countries cultures when I physically explore them. I am educating myself on a new level because the education I receive from books, internet, and travelling is totally different from learning in a classroom. I am learning to understand the world so I too, can change the world and change myself to become a better human-being. Travelling is full of amazing memories of joy, breaking down barriers, as well as overcoming fears. I met so many amazing people all over the world. They were all very cautious and intrigued and I am always happy to talk with them.

Ce que j'aimerais partager avec mes hôtes

✈Teach you Spanish, some history and also how to dance bacha and kizomba like a pro :)

✈I'd love to cook or explore the city with my host, though I'm independent if you've got a busy schedule.

Pays que j'ai visités


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