One of the most storied and influential cities in Texas, Dallas is a city for the shopaholic, the adventurous eater, and the art lover all at once. Here you’ll find more malls per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., but there’s much more to this city than just retail therapy. Dallas has recently developed a 68-acre Arts District, and this area oozes culture. The Winspear Opera House, the Meyerson Symphony Center, and the Dallas Museum of Art are just some of the world-class venues that call this district home.

Ride the historic M-line trolley for a fun (and free) tour of the city. Be sure to stop by the Dallas County Courthouse for a few pictures of a building that looks more like a medieval European castle than a municipal building in Texas. If you’re lucky enough to be in Dallas in October, check out the State Fair of Texas, the biggest state fair in America. It’s not only full of fun things to see and do, but the food vendors here are… well, creative. This is the place to get your hands on deep-fried EVERYTHING.

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