The city of Taipei is only 300 years old, and it’s made of an interesting blend of Chinese, Japanese, and other Southeast Asian cultures. Even though Taiwan’s capital is young, Taipei has a unique personality that is hard to find elsewhere. Visitors love Taipei because it’s easy to navigate due to its affordable and extensive public transportation system. Visit incredibly detailed Buddhist and Taoist temples like Guandu, Lungshan, or Zhinan.

For the outdoor adventurer, take the Nangang District Hiking Trail up Elephant Mountain for an amazing view of the city, especially at night when the lights of the city come alive.

Another thing to love about this city is the food scene. Drawing from Hakka, Aboriginal, and Chinese influences, Taiwanese food is creative and diverse, with everything from fresh seafood, to sausage, to noodle soups on the menu everywhere you go. Find locals at the many night markets throughout the city, chatting with friends and chowing down on the local fare.

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