The streets of Hanoi are an invigorating place to experience Asian life. Scooters zoom in and out of traffic lanes while street merchants shout their promotions to pedestrians. Hanoi is bustling and alive with activity, yet still but it’s a great place to set out on foot and discover a city filled with history and natural beauty. In the Old Quarter, visitors experience Hanoi as it has always been, with its original architecture and street layout. The French Quarter is a surprising yet handsome testament to the period of French occupation within the city, and the buildings here might make you forget that you’re actually in Vietnam.

Discover the spiritual side of Hanoi at the Perfume Pagoda, a complex of incredible Buddhist shrines and temples built right into the limestone of the Huong Tich Mountains. And for a fantastic photo opportunity, take a boat trip into the Ha Long Bay, a 4 hour bus ride from Hanoi, which is riddled with limestone islands that jut out of the blue-green water like something from a fantasy novel.

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