Built by the Ancient Romans as a fortification on the banks of the river Rhine, Mainz is a perfect place to get in touch with history from so many different eras of the past. Visitors to Mainz can see the legacy of the Romans everywhere, from the remaining pillars of the aqueduct system, to the ruins of an amphitheater, to the Drususstein tower at the Citadel, which dates all the way back to 9 BC. Mainz is also home to the Gutenberg Museum, named after the inventor of moveable type. Here you can see one of the original Gutenberg Bibles, the oldest printed book in the world, and even help print a page using the old methods.

Mainz is known as the “wine capital of Germany,” and takes particular pride in its Rieslings. Stop in at a restaurant on the bank of the Rhine for one of the finest glasses of wine you’ll ever drink. The city is also known for it Christmas markets, so if you’re in town during the holidays, you’ll be treated to food stands, live music, tasty Christmas treats, and dazzling lights in Market Square.

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