Brno is the capital of the eastern region of Czech Republic known as Moravia, and boasts the classic cobbled streets and red rooftops of the region. The city centers around the pointed Gothic spires of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, perched on the crest of Petrov Hill. Another great thing to see in Brno is the 13th-century baroque Špilberk Castle, which was later transformed into a huge baroque fortress and the harshest prison in the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Travel a half-hour north of Brno to visit the Macocha Abyss, a dramatic sinkhole in the Punkva cave system that looks like something straight from an incredible fantasy movie. Visitors can take guided tours of sections of the cave system on foot, or hit the hiking trails of the mountains surrounding the Abyss for a rigorous workout and amazing views. Czech Republic is world-famous for its production (and consumption) of beer, but Moravia is wine country, so be sure to enjoy a glass or two from the local vineyards while you’re here.


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