London is the bustling, charming capital of one of the most influential cultures in the world. In this metropolis, ultra-modern architecture stands side by side with historic sites that have defined modern civilization. Visitors should explore the Tower of London, a historic walled compound dating back to 1066 A.D. which houses the White Tower and the Crown Jewels. Just a short walk from there is the iconic Tower Bridge, with its glass-floored walkways running between the two towers for a dizzying, yet invigorating experience.

After enjoying free admission at the Natural History Museum, check out Westminster Palace and the instantly-recognizable clock tower known as Big Ben. After a long day of trudging around with your camera, it’s time to pop into one of London’s classic English pubs for a basket of fish and chips and a pint of lager. And don’t be afraid to talk to the locals; Londoners love “having a laugh.”


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